Two Key Galaxy S8 Features Were Just Reaffirmed

With the release of the latest Samsung products Galaxy S8, of course it causes a lot of speculation from people who can’t wait to see it. Until now, many rumors about the Galaxy S8 that will have a new design and a range of exciting new features, including VR-ready 4K display, a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen and intelligent virtual assistant Siri-like.

galaxy s8 features

There are also rumors from Chinese saying that 4K is not in the cards for the new upcoming Galaxy S phone. But behind all the rumors, Samsung can’t disclose details about the specifications of the newest products, but Samsung will stick with 2K resolution which is already used in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S8 Features

Many rumors say that the Galaxy S8 will not use physical buttons for the home button. Once traced, the Weibo leaker saying that component makers have not received an order for a home button that will equip the Galaxy S8. Of course this was seen as evidence that Samsung ditching of physical buttons, as rumors. Galaxy S8 will surely have an executive view presented by Samsung with displaying all-screen design, with a screen taking more than 90% of the front side of the handset, Samsung also will place the fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the home button.