Tips COC Most Effective Clash of Clans for Beginners

Playing Tips Clash of clans for beginners – Clash of Clans is a game genre adventure / strategy developed by the company developer of games benama supercell located in Finland first launch this game in the early 2012 launch of this game specifically in devices based smartphones iOS iphone / apple but now supercell also develop in the android based smartphone. even the number of downloads of its more on android (googleplay) than in iOS reaches more than 100 million downloads.

Do you play games on smartphones hobby? What games do you play? whether one Clash of Clans? if so can you play? if you just download it from googleplay (android) or appstore (apple), and just playing Clash of Clans you certainly do not know how, what should you do hit your kebingunganpun as Clash of Clans game players who are beginners.

If you are confused about how to play Clash of Clans do not worry. you are not one to stray into my blog because here I will give you tips on the most effective playing Clash of Clans for beginners. why I say effective? of course there are independent reasons why I say so. For many players Clash of Clans that I find less attention to all the details play Clash of Clans on the first play so they complain and regret. for example as to what to dibangaun first and what should be upgraded first.

Playing Tips articles cheat  Clash of Clans is Most Effective For starters, it is necessary I created to guide the novice to be effective in playing Clash of Clans. I give these tips based on experience and sharing of my friends about the game Clash of Clans. see and read with my relaxed following exposure ini..cekidot!

How to Instruction Clash of Clans for Beginners

clash of clans beginner

The first step you enter the game Clash of Clans and the beginning you will be guided by the hosts that cross-eyed girlfollow the instructions from it are as shown below.

clash of clans hack cheat
Follow the instructions start to finish. after completion of manual cross-eyed girl tadi..hhe please give the name of the account you up Clash of Clans you want to name it anything, but I recommend giving the name of the most unique and the most you like, because you are only given one chance to change the name, so that you do not complain and regret later.

After giving an account name cheat clash of clans you, then the right to the full authority will be given to you as the owner of the account, which means you can play the game Clash of Clans ‘your heart’s content’ there are no restrictions of any party while you do not violate the policy supercell.

It Happens When the Earth Turns Similar Flat Plates

Science teaches, the Earth is shaped like a ball. Although not perfectly round, there is pressure along the axis from pole to pole so that there is a bulge around the equator.

But, what if that teach us wrong, and it turns out the Earth it turns out flat like a plate, not round? Will there be any difference for us?

And is it true that people can fall from the rim? That said, a number of sailors in the past, including a number of the crew exploration Columbus wracked concerns, they sailed too far and fell from the edge of the Earth.

“If the Earth is not round but flat like a plate … with appropriate density and thickness, living in the middle of it feels very normal (as we perceive it today),” said Michael Stevens, serial Vsauce on YouTube Life will be centered in the middle of the Earth. “However, if you move to the rim, the Earth’s gravity on the disc is not symmetric, skewed, encouraging stronger.”

flath eart

The video also shows what would happen if someone ran toward the edges of the Earth. It was like climbing stairs are very steep. Maybe not to cause death, but she must have been very tired and plagued by fears bounced backwards – to the middle of the human planet.

Stevens also refer to someone not likely to fall from the disk of the Earth. Thanks to the force of gravity! He added that the end of the world was flat. Close to the sky, so people who were there seemed to fly by plane. Watch the video below.

Although it sounds ridiculous, a number of people who joined in the Flat Earth Society really sure human planet flat shape. This is so they reason: when running on it, the surface of the planet looks or looks and feels flat. Hence they brushed aside all the evidence the Earth is round, as well as photographs of the Earth from space. According to them, it was nothing more than a conspiracy engineered advocates that the Earth is round regulated by the US space agency (NASA) and other government agencies. A high-level conspiracy.

Photographs of Earth, they say, processed using photoshop. GPS equipment was engineered. The goal, they have not yet concluded, but suspected financial motives. One leading theory they call the Earth a similar dish, where the Arctic Circle is at the center, while the Antarctic, a wall of ice as high as 150 feet or 45.7 meters, is located in the suburbs.

They claim, NASA employs a number of people to keep a tight wall of this ice, preventing anyone climbed and fell from the disk of the earth. While the Earth day and night cycles are described as follows: the sun and the moon is round-shaped object 51 kilometers in diameter, rotating at an altitude of 4,828 kilometers above the flat earth. Such as spotlights, bulbs lit up the sky different parts of the planet within 24 hours. Proponents of this theory also believe there is an invisible object named “antimoon” (anti-Month) is responsible obscure form of the moon, crescent, for example.

Furthermore, for them, gravity is none other than an illusion. The appeal of the earth, according to them, does not speed things down, but the disc earth was that accelerates the movement of 9.8 meters per second squared, driven by a force called “dark energy”.

World at Arms Game Trailer

World at arms game  In this modern war strategy game, you will fight in all the earth, in the sea, on land, and even in the air. Fight in the solo campaign complicated or exciting multiplayer battles. Take advantage of your social relationships to seek allies and to discuss war plans through the chat. Join or create his own faction to join forces. Achieve the best position on the leaderboards by challenging all your opponents and steal their wealth. Be the best player in the game this terrible war!

world at army

Gameloft is a company that has been known for high quality games. The main advantages are obvious in terms of graphics. Unfortunately Gameloft is also known as a company that likes to imitate and combine other games into a new game with a different title.
World at Arms Games are made by Gameloft game themed war for world domination. This game is supported with good graphic quality and capable of being a mobile game that can be enjoyed. This game is the result of a combination of several successful gaming into a new game.
World at Arms using formulas commonly used Gameloft, namely quality games for free. At the beginning of the game there is a tutorial that will teach you how to build and fight. As the battle progresses, you will shoot automatically. Missiles were fired automatically, and enemy attacks can be detained by rubbing the screen. This game requires a great Android device so that the game does not lag.
The process of urban development in this game is quite fast because it does not take many days. Each building can make money, how to to tap all the existing buildings. Wiping the screen at the time in the city will make the jet fly, sometimes you’ll get an extra income in this way.
PVP facility can be accessed by opening the global map and find other players to attack. This game has its own advantages in terms of finding the enemy online. Players do not need to wait until enemies appear, or access the menu options confusing. The process of the fight is also quite simple and easily won. You do not have to worry about how to organize the defense of the city like in Clash of Clans. more Clash of Lords hack
World at Arms is a game that is exciting and quite enjoyable. You can get it for free at Google Play. This game offers a unique experience of fighting for combines elements of strategy and action on the battlefield. For those of you who have played this game can share the experience of playing through the comments field provided. Your comment will definitely be useful for other players.

British exit from the EU: Here are some things you need to know

The EU has made it clear how English began formal negotiations to come out of their blocks after the result of the referendum which took place on Thursday.
According to the EU, the UK can apply the procedure of Article 50 of the European Union, which set a deadline of two years for the agreement, by making a formal declaration by letter or statement.
British Prime Minister David Cameron had said he would resign in October to let his successor debate.
But the EU foreign ministers had asked the British to immediately initiate the process.


The majority of regions in the UK said they want to leave the EU, but the three regions would like to come on board: Scotland, Northern Ireland and London.
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon even declared “very likely” second independence referendum (to split with the British) do. And Deputy Chief Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness also encouraged to do the same referendum there.
On the internet, turn London.
An online petition started by journalist James O’Malley, supporters of the campaign Remain (joining the EU), has won more than 30,000 signatures on Friday. This petition titled, “London Declare independence from Britain and register to join the EU.”

Uploaded to, O’Malley petition states: “London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe. Let’s accept the fact – the whole country did not agree. So, rather than voting passive aggressive towards one another in every election, let’s make a formal divorce and united with our friends on the mainland. ”
O’Malley told BBC Trending that he created a petition to protest were not serious “while moping on the results of the referendum”.
The idea may seem far-fetched, despite this being a discussion among academics.
Although no massive movement to secede real, some economists and experts see that change in London into a city-state of Singapore-style as a possibility that can not be avoided.
In his speech on Friday, Nicola Sturgeon said she spoke to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and said “there is a clear public purpose between us.”
And in social media the idea of independence is also getting some rave reviews. The phrase “Can London …” Tweeted more than 3,000 times, with chirp-chirp most popular shows related question of independence.
“If Scotland had a chance to break with the entire country, could London, Manchester, Liverpool and anyone aged under 25 years go?” asked one commentator. “Can London left Britain?” asked another.

Since the referendum which took place on Thursday, there was intense speculation about when and how the UK start formal negotiations for the exit from the EU.
Spokesman for the Council of Europe, which determines the direction and priorities of the EU’s political, confirmed on Saturday that the application of Article 50 is a formal step that should be “carried out by the British government to the Council of Europe”.
“It must be done in an explicit way with a view to implementing Article 50,” the spokesman said.
“Can pass a letter to the president of the European Council or through a formal statement at a meeting in the European Council then officially recorded in the minutes of the meeting.”

US primaries: Clinton and Trump win ‘big’

American presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, winning the preliminary interim results of the US presidential election. Both won in the state of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Clinton became standings in Virginia and Arkansas, although losing to Bernie Sanders of Vermont -kampung Sanders page.
As for Trump, led in Massachusetts.


The billionaire from New York, predicted to win in almost all 11 states that carry out preliminary elections on “Super Tuesday”.
“Super Tuesday” was a Tuesday in which states implement most of the primaries for both parties, before the presidential election next 8 November.

From Alaska to Texas

Voters have given voting rights in different parts of America, ranging from the state of Massachusettes and Virginia on the east coast, up to Texas in the South and in northern Alaska.

Former foreign minister Hillary Clinton and real estate tycoon, Donald Trump be featured when the “Super Tuesday” for their respective parties.

Possible Trump to be the presidential candidate of the Republican Party even wide open, although some of its policies on controversial plans, for example related to immigration.

The former star of the TV constantly obtaining more votes than his rival, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and retired neurologist Ben Carson.

In the stronghold of Democrats, Clinton won in three of the four primaries earlier and a choice for black voters.

Rivals, Bernie Sanders on “Super Tuesday” is expected to win in four states, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Colorado.

Selection model design drawings and photographs staircase and simple modern minimalist house the latest in 2016

In the concept of minimalist house usually land area or building a major obstacle when we are going to experiment with designs and models or interior of the house, this happens because of the limitations of space owned. But with it you can work around this limitation by building homes with type 2 floors. In this way, you will have enough space for clicking “outsmart” the house of your dwelling. In the design of the house two floors. step function as a link between the lower and upper floors very important role in it. Aside from being a liaison, of comfort and convenience aspects you should consider as well.


Many designs and models staircase 2 floor house that you can apply to your home. Popular design for this type of ladder is usually a model house 2 floor house ladder modern minimalist designs apply from overseas such as Europe and America. But not a few people adopt the classic style with a touch of the body of the wood or wood stairs with the main ingredient that will display the artistic design is captivating. Of course, the selection of the right will make your home look harmonious and comfortable. Model spiral staircase or a regular model you can see in the example image below later.

For the design and size of the steps of the house, matching the cross-sectional area of empty space that will be used as a ladder construction of your home, with a width of 80cm wide staircase if it were enough for you and adjust the height of your building. For safety, install also diseputar staircase handrail will be a balance, of course. Keep in mind also, try to use the construction and the materials are really strong in the making of this modern minimalist staircase. For wood, use wood that is strong and wide-quality ironwood and teak, and for concrete construction, use iron or steel frame that is strong and try to add a ladder to the floor with carpet or other things that are not slippery and of course create as comfortable as possible.

For those of you who have a house with a narrow design and want to build your house with system design minimalist house 2 floors, below we will be giving out some minimalist house modern stair design that might be an inspiration for the design of the stairs of your house.

That’s some choice examples of models of stair design modern minimalist house with the most simple designs in 2015 that might inspire the making of stairs in your home.

Can drones replace human labor?

drones replace human labor

Today, a subject that is the order of the day is the robots replacing humans to work. The truth is that many actions that we mechanically, could be performed by robots, so we would save costs and would win efficiency. However, this entails many criticisms and concerns by employees, since it believes that they can take away our work and unemployment would increase.

This is not entirely true, since the introduction of robots could also generate new jobs. In this way, robots would be the perfect complement to humans and we could run much more complex tasks, gaining in innovation. Now, it seems that the robotic invasion is coming from above, since a report by the consulting firm PwC estimates that drones could save 127,000 million in human employment.

A high value in infrastructure and industry

Between these two sectors, the added value of the drones is almost $ 80 million. It’s cheap, versatile devices, and they are the first step for the future. The PwC report also sees them as a powerful measure to achieve cost savings. In addition to infrastructure and industry, these drones could also help logistics companies such as Amazon to deliver packages to the security companies to watch more spaces, among many other applications.

At the moment already drones have been used as replacement pilots, soldiers and relief workers. In fact, any workplace that requires human vigilance, particularly in places of difficult access, could face the presence of drones in the future. This key is to find a way that these workers are not left without a job and get reconciled with the presence of drones

Devices available to any user

There are many types of drones in the market, and their presence has excellent so much, that it is very easy to get one. A drone prices can range from 40 to more than 1000 euros, depending on the use want you to give – Andro4all partners already showed us some – that’s why we must be vigilant to the regulation if we are to become one in the future.

The truth is that at the moment drones not imposed in any workplace and it is devices with a recreational purpose. Recorded with drone videos are all a trend on YouTube and most parents find it as a toy to give to their children. However, it will come, and maybe in the future we open the door to a drone that we come to deliver a package at home.

Do you think your this subject? do you think that the drones are a threat to the labor market?

The best pool game to play online users – 8 Balls Pool

8 Ball Pool Review

One of the most addictive games for users who like or not the pool is 8 Balls Pool which is developed by the company Miniclip which has available the game on Android, iOS platforms by means of Facebook and form online through a web site on Miniclip.

The game is a typical pool table with 16 balls (including white), randomly begin to remove any participant (maximum 2) of a same or similar level, and you begin to take balls of the same type are smooth or ribbed, these are defined with the first player that take a type of ball. With each opponent earn experience points for leveling up next to it’ll earn money from bets that make, there are different types of tables with different playing conditions, ones where the bet is low and others where are played much fictional money. You can go together money daily with a circulation of a raffle of luck either redeem if these identified with Facebook a bonus of 25 coins each time.

Within the game can add new friends, chat with predefined phrases or buy new quotes, buy new pool cues and go charging them for using their skills, these must go by releasing them according to the level you go up. Within the application optionally offers purchase of coins or banknotes to redeem in store for tacos, phrases, etc.

Also with the possibility of adding friends or search for and invite friends from your social networks Facebook, Google +, you can invite them to a challenge in different tables that are available. If they don’t want to play your friends, try playing a tournament, where different users with different levels entering a tournament of 8 players with a small enrollment of currencies in which the winner gets a good Prize and the loser (second runner-up) takes refund of your registration.

8 Balls Pools is a fun game where there are thousands of users playing every hour, if you’re new to have many other new users waiting for you, since your universe of players please try the 8 ball pool hack tool that is very large where users can play as guests, identify with a Miniclip, Facebook or Google account.

The shift toward electric vehicles could be about to arrive

electric vehicles

Already some time ago that electric cars began to gain strength in the market. With the arrival of Tesla and its vehicles adapted to the general public, increasingly people changing gasoline consumption by electricity.

The truth is that environmental level and consumption, electric cars are the best choice, although they also have some disadvantages. However, we have not enough in society capacities for to adapt in a fast and easy way to this change.

This shift to electric vehicles will also be easier for some countries than for others. Law, culture, economic capacity, and level of technology of the countries are some key factors that influence it.

Norway wants fining sales of gasoline cars

There is a law in Norway that is pending approval, and that if approved, could become the first country that decided to make the switch from petrol to electric cars. There are 4 political parties force Norwegian that favor laws to fine from 2025 petrol cars.

Norway is a major supplier of fossil fuels, is a major producer of fuels and the third largest exporter in the world of natural gas. In the year 2015, fuel and natural gas accounted for 39% of the total value of exporters in the country. However, there are good reasons that indicate that the country could become the first to legislate in favour of selling only electric vehicles.

Almost all the natural gas and fuel which are exported are to Europe, mainly to Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Even so, the majority of natural gas is used to heat homes, factories, offices and to feed power plants.

Other countries also consider it

Norway is not the only country that is considering electric vehicles. There are proposals to stop sales of car fuel in the Netherlands also for 2025. The Government of India also believes that all cars be electric by 2030.

In Norway there is already 24% of sold vehicles that run on electricity. It is the highest percentage in the world, so these cars are not a new concept for the Norwegians. There are high chances that this law is accepted and begin to allocate resources to go in this direction.

However, currently there is too many vehicles that are 100% electric on the market. The elections of consumers are limited throughout the world. Even so, if the world starts to go in this direction, we can find many more options in just a few years.

Game Review: Clash Royale (Android & iOS)

Clash Royale Review

Clash Royale was developed by the company Supercell. Which it is now synonymous with quality more than quantity, something that distinguishes it above many other companies that hang their apps in the PlayStore.

The game runs without any bugs and is perfectly balanced thanks to the arenas by level (from 1 to 8), so that you do not boot as rookie facing a veteran.

In each game we face in real time with another player. Clash Royale is a MOBA aimed at destroying enemy towers to win.

One element that makes the game special is the fact that we can collect and unlock new cards. Which will achieve through chests that we will be opening spent some time (varies according to the chest) or buying them at the store in Exchange for gold.

The ability to climb level both the charts and our structures is a plus in the development of the game. Making the weakest cards are not obsolete, but they adapt to advanced level (and sand).

It is also the possibility of joining a clan and even the chance to create their own. The benefits of being in a clan are basically ask letters donated to other members to engage in friendly duels.

But not only of manguear the man lives also can chat and know better to our colleagues from the clan.

The game also included the way TV Royale, through which we can see the games of other players around the world.


The graphics are good but the aesthetics of the characters is somewhat childish, which personally I displeased at the beginning since I like another type of character design. They probably chose to do it that way so that parents do not prohibit their small children have this app on the tablet and thus attract a greater number of players.


In terms of music and sound effects, I think that even though they do not clash with the game could have been better. Let’s say that in this aspect the game safa just right.


Scroll through the different sections of the game is very simple and won’t cost us too much time adapting to it.

As at the time of the fight, a little personally fuck the fact that we can not give orders to our characters. Which simply will go towards the tower to silly, often to be split by a tower halfway. However, this is one of the elements that added you fluidity to the game.

A puntazo for the game is high replay value. To the departures of not more 3 or 4 minutes make you stay often re handle. Not to mention when you lose, you want to find rematch right away.


Improvements: The possibility to constantly improve our wrestlers.

Trading cards: collecting letters is a Vice. To my freak that I am, I love collecting things and the fact that each time out new as I progress motivates me to continue playing the game.

Replay value: The game is enviciante. The games are fast and not enough with just one.


Wait times: having to wait at least 4 hours to open a chest is something that I consider a lined. It is obvious that they do it so that those who are re handle spend our clash royale free gems and then we have to get out of our pockets to get more and move forward faster.

Aesthetics: The childish aesthetic is something that’s not going and that is why I consider it a point against.

Donald Trump willing to talk to Kim Jong-un on its nuclear program

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said it is willing to speak to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear program. A gesture that represents a shift in US foreign policy.

However, the tycoon has refused to share details of its plan to achieve an agreement with North Korea, an isolated country from the international community. But he was open to talking to their leader.

Donald Trump

“I would talk to him, I have no problem talking with him,” he assured.

In an extended interview with Reuters, Donald Trump has also asked that the Paris Agreements climate is renegotiated, and has not hesitated to criticize the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in eastern Ukraine.

The UN, which maintains sanctions on China, has not yet responded to the statements of the American millionaire.

Donald Trump, 69, has also ensured that press China, Pyongyang’s main ally, to help find a solution. “Will push China because economically we have much power over China,” he said in an interview in his office on the 25th floor of the tower that bears his name, in Manhattan. “China can solve this problem with a meeting or a phone call.”

The arrangement of Trump to speak directly with Kim Jong-un contrasts with the policy of Barack Obama, which has prevented any senior US diplomat talk to North Korean counterparts.

South Korean Foreign Minister has declined to respond directly to comments Donald Trump but reiterated that South Korea and the US are committed to the denuclearization as the top priority. “North Korea must cease its threats and provocations, and show with actions their sincere commitment to denuclearization,” he explained Reuters by telephone.

Obama has not entered into direct talks with Kim Jong-un, but it has reinforced new diplomatic efforts with Iran and Cuba.

Sitting in his office overlooking Central Park, Trump spoke at length about his ideas on foreign policy and economy in a half-hour interview. On his table is a portrait of his father, Fred Trump.

On Russia, Trump-moderated the praise for Putin. He stressed that the blandishments of the Russian leader to him would come to naught. “The fact that says things about me does not mean it will help in negotiations. I do not help at all,” he said.

An adviser to Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate for the White House, has criticized Trump for his comments on foreign policy, especially after I said that was unlikely to have a good relationship with British Prime Minister David Cameron. “Let me say it clearly: Donald Trump insulted the leader of our greatest ally, then change and says I would love to talk to Kim Jong-un,” stressed Jake Sullivan, foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump “seems to have a strange enchantment with foreign leaders like Putin and Kim. But his ideas on foreign policy makes no sense for the rest of us,” warned Sullivan.

Examples of Cheap Kinds of Shipping Container Home Plans

Using the shipping container as the material to build home can be one of the excellent choices. Yes, it is because the kinds of the shipping container will be the straightforward and right idea for making a home. I am sure that there are some kinds of the shipping container home plans, which can be the great ideas for you. Now, we will talk about some types of the simple idea of it with the reasonable detail. I hope that the explanation below may be the excellent information for you all.

shipping container home plans

Joseph Dupuis’ container home

The first kind of the home idea using the shipping container is the Joseph Dupuis’ container home. Yes, it is one of the unique home using the container, especially when you want to feel the classical design. Joseph here is beautiful with its detail of shipping container home. He decorates the container using the combination of white and brown as the detail paint. In another hand, he makes three big doors on one side of the container. To build his home, Joseph only needs $20,000.

Shipping container cabin

Larry is the actor of this kind of excellent choice in shipping container home plans. Here, he plans his shipping container home as the one of the lovely destination in vacation. The container home of Larry here is unique with the modern concept. It has some color combinations that gives the beautiful look in overall. In another hand, the modern accessories, such as the white door and window also increase the elegance of it. The fund to make this home is around $35.000.

Tin Can Cabin

For those who want to feel the pure and sweet kinds of the container home, they can choose the Tin Can Cabin, as their favorite home plans. Steve designs this storage home. Steve made this container home in 2009, and he only needs around $36,000 to finish his entire job. What makes this idea of the home container special is the simple look of each room. The home has the three rooms and it is built on the excellent foundation. Very nice to enjoy your holiday.

Containers of Hope

Gabriela makes his containers of hope as the one of the limited choices in deciding the kinds of shipping container home plans. Well, it is one of the particular home ideas using the container as the primary material because of its detail modern look. This home uses three storage, and all containers are redesigned! He redesigns the part of the container and changes it with some glasses to make it brighter and friendly. To finish his job, Gabriela needs around $40,000.

Well, the kinds of the idea of home plans using shipping container can be the excellent choice for you. It will be helpful when you be selective in choosing the kinds of it. Please be active to consider the types of the plans by seeing the list of the catalogue, browsing the internet, and seeing the magazine. Of course, you need to call the expert to help you in building process.

8500 banking jobs lost in one year to be more profitable


The banking crisis caused many disasters on everything destapasen in the entities acting as regional banks. It cost the Spaniards a good peak of our taxes we are still paying as rescue, and it was a brutal benefit for entities who saw it was saving them from bankruptcy without consequences and benefits by the real estate crisis. Other countries have managed otherwise, as in the case of the Netherlands, where ING has repaid the rescue with interest for the public coffers. But not only the issue of rescue is concern in the world of financial offices, cuts in terms of employment have been brutal.

In fact, all large institutions have closed offices and reduced jobs. All this in order to adapt to the new era, in which the consumer has become much more intelligent and has in the market a lot of competitors who almost negative commissions and by banking online. In total, it is estimated that during the past year, with different template cutouts that have been produced, about 8500 jobs have been lost in the banking sector. And they will not recover once past the blip, but it will be forever lost.

But there is more. If the restructuring of banking has made us lose jobs, and has affected all those who have been for that reason in unemployment, it has also led major problems to some customers. In fact, some of them have been left without offices in your area. We have gone from having more than one office of a concrete bench to that in certain localities, there is none. So the new Spanish banking landscape. And not it seems to change in the near future.

Hack Free Gems for Dragon City – Available on Android and iPhone


If you arrived on this page, it’s probably because you are looking for a way to get free gems for Dragon City game. You’re in luck because we provide a tips for Dragon City to obtain an unlimited resources of free gems and whatever the medium you use.

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Dragon City Game Overview

Dragon City is a game aimed to have the greatest possible dragon, to improve them and make them go up the levels so that they are the strongest possible, and then make them fight. You can consider the game as a management game mix to Hay Day and a fighting game like Pokemon.

Dragon City Free Gems Tips

As crazy as it sounds, it is quite possible to get free gems on Dragon City game, and on top of that, it’s pretty simple and it takes on average 5 minutes time to the different stages. A little long, we grant you, but this is the price to pay to get free Gems!

One thing to remember, the Dragon City Cheats is valid:

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How does the cheat / trick Dragon City work?

By clicking the download button, you will get a folder containing 5 minutes video explaining how to quickly and easily use the cheat software that lets you cheat on Dragon City. The software does not require installation. The dragon city hack software is undetectable if you use it smartly. If you want to go unnoticed, we advise you to generate a maximum of 300 gems per day (normally available for a fee of € 19.99). So your “injections” gems will not be identifiable. Some of our users we have confessed generate 800 gems a day … you are free to do so if you wish, but we encourage you to stay with a maximum of 300 dragon gems city a day anyway, so as not to arouse suspicion.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the ease of use of this cheat and we wish you to advance in the game through your free gems.


Stories Runaway La Nyalla in Singapore

Runaway La Nyalla Mattalitti in lion country only lasted for 2.5 months. During that time, the need to live a corruption suspect grants Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Java is supported by the help of his friends in Singapore. “Not from Indonesia,” said the coordinator of Pemuda Pancasila, Basuki, when contacted yesterday.

Among the mass organization Pemuda Pancasila, La Nyalla known as Mr. Pemuda Pancasila. According to Basuki, members of Pemuda Pancasila always held a joint prayer for La Nyalla. Basuki do not know exactly where to stay La Nyalla while in Singapore and who your friends are helping him. He just said, “La Nyalla help of some friends in Singapore.”

la nyalla m

He Nyalla Singapore authorities arrested on Tuesday because his residence permit had run out since April 28, 2016. Chairman of the PSSI off it fled to Singapore after a named as a suspect by the East Java High Court. He entered Singapore on March 29, 2016 with visa-free status.

He Nyalla quite astute in hiding. While in Singapore, its presence is not detected. But Attorney General M. Prasetyo said La Nyalla longer be able to hide from the pursuing officers Prosecutor for financial assistance and sedentary life there.

According to Prasetyo, AGO team found indications that La Nyalla got the money supply of a number of people. “People have a lot of money. There are people who deliver money to him because his account is blocked, “said Prasetyo, at the Presidential Palace complex in early May.

The story of the runaway La Nyalla while in Singapore has now ended. La Nyalla team of lawyers are reluctant to share stories about the life of La Nyalla abroad. Amir Burhanuddin, attorney La Nyalla, just want to comment on the legal facts that ensnared his client. “Beyond that, ask directly to our clients.”

Sumarso, another lawyer, said that as a lawyer, it just think of how La Nyalla be examined both in and out of custody. “That’s it,” he said.