How to create a gutter in a private home

Home With the construction of housing is often necessary to solve the problem by limbah before right to make the gutter in a private home, is to solve the question: Do you need expert help or you can do it yourself.

If you want to save, you can start working the assembly with their hands, besides, they were not too difficully Faktor main device is the lack of a private sewer or has access to utama if road near your house has a central drainage, the construction work will not cause labor.


This device is a personal gutter device private waste

the maximum amount of work you have to perform in the first eksternal. how to waste is to dig a trench and lay the pipe to a depth of 50-150 cm. That depth proleganiya must ba

If near your home no central sewerage system, you’ll need to create an autonomous structure which is a waste, septic tanks, either with a filter or a local processing plant.

Autonomous sewerage private home

Sewerage autonomous private home

bah used since ancient times and the most easy to build with their hands alone, finish the interior walls is to use ceramic brick red.

Alternatively, you can build a concrete manhole ring, but you need to pre-fill the bottom of a concrete solution, and over the manhole cover with holes for ventilation and viewing windows.

Septic often used at home, intended to stay permanent. Design is very reliable and easy to install, which is subject to the instructions, you simply install it with hand Tank polypropylene septic does not require frequent cleaning, saving money for the service workers sanitasi.  latest technology , domestic water some cleaning contact with tool. Proyek sewerage

Sewerage project before construction work, you have to take some action sequence:

determine the location of flood: it must be below the level of housing;
marking the withdrawal of a sewer pipe from the house;
note the location of the collector output pipe because there will be all concentrated waste water from rumah.Tidak will no defects, distortion;
prepared, count all the bends and angles, which will pass through the pipeline, the sewage system is mainly internal;
after performing the steps above, you can go to a special store to purchase materials.
installation of sewer system

Installation of sewer waste Mounting

Exterior work

In the case of homes have sewer systems are old, you will be much more mudah.Hal is necessary to dismantle the old pipe and continue laying new sewer lines have been prepared.

Exterior work Exterior work

However, it may require a complete reworking, which provides for raising the floor of the trench and deepen if necessary:

Dig a hole under the foundation and measure the width from the top to the optimum bawah.Nilai must be at least 100 cm, but in this case, you can not worry about the freezing of the collector pipe;
with street parties digging trenches to drain the moat pit. must be greater outside than inside and disposed slightly tilted to facilitate the flow of waste.

You must put the pipes in the house and on the street.

At the bottom of the trench is required to make a sand cushion thickness of 20 cm. This will reduce the pressure in the pipe due scattered sand soil polypropylene.Itu not much pressure on the structure; Installation quality
is not possible without proper sealing and connecting pipa.Untuk do this during the installation of the insert pipe tee, which will help you to remove blockages in operasi.Pada this stage is not worth saving – it will pay off very quickly;
tee set in increments of 4 meters, and out onto the surface of the cork stopper.Limbah

How to Get Clash Gems Crown Clash Royale Guide to Collecting Chest

Crown chest Every 24 hours pal be required to collect 10 crown (crown) to get a chest box. Now, in the chest contains some gold, cards and most importantly, free gems. There are some free gems that can mate get in the chest crown. So do not miss the opportunity to get free gems of the crown chest.


To collect 10 crown it’s very easy. Buddy had to do battle with other players and make sure while doing battle opponent’s towers were destroyed although only one tower.

Although in the battle buddy defeat, the crown will remain collected. So do battle several times to collect 10 of the crown.

How to Get Free Gems Royale Clash Of Free Chest

If this is still my friend do not need to do anything to get free gems. Buddy just waiting every 4 hours there will be free chest can be open. With any luck my friend can get 2 to 3 gems free of free chest. But this is not always free chest produce gems for free. So do not expect to get free gems from this chest. If my friend wants to be a lot of gems quickly, try the latter …

Buying Gems in Clash Royale

This is the fastest way that can mate to do to get a lot of gems.

Buddy can buy gems in clash royale directly with cash or with pulses. Price gems also vary depending on how many gems that want to buy my friend clash royale glitch

Price gems Here are a few gems in clash royale price:

USD 15,000 can be 80 gems
Rp 75,000 can be 500 gems
Rp 149,000 may 1200 gems
Rp 299,000 may 2500 gems
Rp 739,000 may 6500 gems
Rp 1,499,000 can be 14,000 gems

Well, the price is quite expensive huh?

But my friend know not if there is a way to get gems clash royal quickly without the need to spend money or credit?

If you do not know, continue reading. In this way, my friend will get royal gems clash with the free without spending money at all. Relax, it’s safe and legal manner. Accounts clash royal pal will not get banned if you use this method. Because we are going to buy gems clash royale using Google Play Gift Card.

Tips To Become A Reliable Leader

After quite a long time contemplating a variety of things, I finally ventured to write a Leadership Tips. This can be the time tips categories include high level Kung Fu Kick I ever wrote more or less 1 year. Somewhat different from the previous leadership tips, tips this time has a very  efficacy while coupled with a very big risk if you incorrectly apply kick kungfu

By reading the tips this time, hopefully you can draw on the wisdom of this Kung Fu kick and how it should behave if exposed to this style

Tip this time will talk about Purity (purification) in the organisation of the brothers Lead.

To be able to understand the meaning of Purity/purification I mean. Try to check out the following story…


One day, in a remote village and away from the hustle of the city there is the Organization of coral Midshipman (KarTar) “IsoLo” which is quite famous for its creativity and innovation from its members. But over time, the automatic regeneration process happen. … Arguably almost all members including KarTar sysop ranks underwent a process of regeneration.

This regeneration process eventually brought the jimgun a young man who lived and grew up in the big city to lead KarTar IsoLo in the village. With the entry of jimgun in the ranks of administrators, making the most of the villagers be optimistic especially the village chief. “Hopefully we can be increasingly KarTar jaya and forward”, so the expectations presented the village chief to KarTar IsoLo in particular stewards.

Day change days …. changed weeks … changing moon. …. KarTar IsoLo has been through a variety of activities, which makes the jimgun began to understand the condition of the KarTar IsoLo. Jimgun also realized that it was not all his members have high loyalty to the KarTar. There is a working professional, less random, etc.

Aware of this, the Jimgun began to take a stand for a “get rid of” those who are considered less loyal to organizations using high level Kung fu fighting style in the world of leadership/leadership i.e. Purity/refining of the organization. Jimgun began to apply a strict policy against its members, adding the burden of responsibility, demands something more than its members without giving additional wages, etc.

Essentially, the Jimgun wanted to make a good Member of the loyal/disloyal less uncomfortable with the current organizational conditions. Over time, this process of purification finally started revealing the results. Demos and protests will begin appearing sysop policy, internal conflicts between supporters loyal caretaker KarTar and members who do not support the start. This purification began revealing the results with the presence of several members of the KarTar who resigned. And this will continue until completely invalidated, members of which remain. The members of this “deemed” still had a high loyalty to the organization. So the big hope for the loyal members of the joint Jimgun advance the Organization KarTar IsoLo.

GREAT little risk will also be at hand to courageous leaders who use this style, such as:

The leader will start returning to build organizations like kala ready for its members (be loyal/disloyal less members) who resigned. Thus if many loyal members changed become less loyal and repelled diri …. This is a risk that must be disesali faced by the leaders.
There are members who are still in the Organization and has antipathy toward organization but couldn’t get out of the organization because of the inability or the lain😦 it is like a thorn in the flesh/virus that can undermine the organization from within. Still remember my leadership articles that discuss about the importance of paying attention to the problems of internal organization.
Leaders of being someone who is not very well liked by members who are not loyal.
If the above is a risk, then the Efficacy of violent Kick Kungfu Leadership Purity/Purification are:

Managed to filter out members who are not loyal.
Managed to make loyal members resigned so no need pesangon.
Tips for those of you who may thus was exposed to kick ini:

Introspection are you including members who are loyal/not.
If including a loyal, Yes …. adherents aja what bos wants.
If including those not loyal, there are some suggestions from me:
Try to convey an opinion/argument you are good. But remember, a Leader is never correct wrong!!! So no need to hard ways!!!
Start thinking to move the organization if able.
Why become an entrepreneur and became Chairman upon yourself.
Or stay inside with all the consequences.

Tips on Travelling Cheap and safe to Lombok

Every person doing daily activities and routines will meet on whose name the point of saturation, because most of the time in 24 hours a day is used to carry out routine work. In between the bustle and activity of these solid we would usually get the right holiday or annual leave, or in the form of permit formalities are on holiday to refresh or refresh the back body and mind we are always focused on the job.

In terms of filling the budget holiday time many things can be done, either by way of doing things that are helpful to the freshness and the restoration of the conditions already tired with workload piling up, or simply just fill in time off to gather with family. Bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express


This time I will try to give some options/options that you can do to fill your vacation time later of course you being the “decision maker” on its own. Some options are common among other things:

Fill the holidays with each hobby
Browsing and Googling information important information on the Internet
Travelling tour to places & favorite tourism
Gathering and kopdar with old peer to peer or friend
Shopping, hanging out in the crowd, and others
From some of the above options may be one of them is the choice that fits for you. Or may not even be included in the option that I wrote above. I personally if told to select one of the options above are quite interesting is on vacation or holiday.

On vacation, it was possible to fill his free time at the time of the leave or your weekend. In this case to note is the support to do the holiday so that feels this brings.

Preferably before choosing this option, consider first the adequacy of the funds that we have, because it would require a budget specifically to fund the trips will be undertaken later, especially if the purpose of the tour was out of town.

Tips on choosing quality Hotels at affordable prices

First you need to do is search for information about hotels that you will use as a place to stay later. The main constraints often make plans on vacation we fail is the point.

When it was traveling on the tour and then look for accommodation/Lodging to rest in the evening is very difficult because the price is too expensive and outside estimates. But this we can siasati by finding important info about hotels classmates or other hotel hotel located adjacent to the main hotel which we will use later.

In this way we can at least compare classes of hotels and facilities what asaja, owned by the hotel. So that we can decide to choose a hotel which became a top priority, especially if there are hotels with categories more affordable but with the same facility.

What additional services we can. For each hotel services provided almost nothing in common, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For that we as a potential customer must be smart smart looking for information about details se the hotel.

Example: one of the hotels will probably provide additional amenities like guest pick-up with “free of charge” aka. But there are also some hotels that charge extra for pickup on their guests.

So, before you decide to stay at a particular hotel you must have to ensure that they provide additional services for pick-up or the like. Quite right to mengirit the cost of the transport fund, and of course you can use for other purposes like buying a gift or souvenir is typical of the region.

Need a Travel Agent or tour operator, or not?

Organisasai is a travel agent or tour provider company that will take us to visit “tourism destination” or our dream destination.

If you worry about getting lost and spending time on your trip because it did not know the situation the purpose of sightseeing, we recommend that you use the services of a Travel agent, because it would be easier and guaranteed security, reason being every Travel Agent already has a permit and insurance safety for both car and passengers. This will certainly make us feel more “safe” in travel tourism.

In choosing a Travel Agent should you choose any Travel Agent who gives a tour package or at least could be invited to compromise in terms of a variation to your destination later. Of course this will be very beneficial to our cause if we do not use the option pack travel/tour, the price offered is usually the price of the manual will be higher than the price of the package.

For a tourist destination island of Lombok, a Travel Agent can be a reference to your tour is the Lombok Tour Plus with a selection of tour packages that are certainly not too drained the contents of your bag. Happy holiday to you who are planning a vacation.

Hopefully your holiday this time will be more fun and can make your next day of the day more meaningful by having a sense of optimism is high. Don’t forget the Pink Beach Lombok entered to the list of destinations next Yes.

Preparation that must be mastered in playing GTA

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the latest GTA game series that was released for the Xbox console while Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is the last GTA game series that was released for the Playstation 2. The game is so large and complex that can be confusing and frustrating if played without the right strategy. Read the steps below to learn how and tricks to finish this game memorable.

gta money
Start with stamina.
Unlike other GTA game, the protagonist in San Andreas, Carl “CJ” Johnson has various statuses can be set according to the player’s selection. With high status, the mission becomes easier to complete; with low status, to complete the mission can be quite impossible. Start by increasing the status of the most easy and cheap to be trained, ie stamina. Each day in the game, take some time for CJ ran until he was exhausted. Another way to increase stamina that is riding a bike and swimming.
Gym (fitness center) around the city also provides exercise equipment to improve stamina CJ quickly and efficiently and also raise some concerns the status of the other physical. Try a treadmill and an exercise bike.
You can increase stamina status as high as possible without any ill effects. In the end, after you complete the extra mission “Burglar” (stealing home with a total of $ 10,000 / US $. 130 million), CJ will get unlimited stamina, before this happens, train stamina will make CJ could escape from police and other situations that require high energy.
Build Physical Status
Build another physical status. In addition to the status of stamina, CJ has the muscle mass and body fat percentage can be increased. To build muscle mass, lift weights in the gym. You aim to get a value of approximately 75-85% of the total physical force can be trained without sacrificing speed or agility. Body fat can be reduced by up to 5% without any ill effects; do all these things, and CJ will probably lose muscle mass during strenuous physical activity. The whole exercise will reduce body fat.
You may also want to train CJ respiratory strength, so that he could be under water for a longer time. Respiratory strength can be trained to swim under the water until the last minute limit breathing and then return to the surface to take in air. Looking for oysters on the ocean floor also can slightly increase the power of breathing. Respiratory strength is not very useful except in certain places. more tips online gta 5 money generator

Mastering the status of the vehicle.

Do not forget to eat right when you practice. Most meals will increase the fat content of CJ, but the food is also very important to build stamina and muscle mass. Whenever you eat, if your body fat is above 3% the message portion of lettuce (foods which contain a mixture of vegetables), because only these foods that do not raise levels of fat. If you feel the lack of fat, by eating something will raise the levels of fat back (to raise up to 3% for one meal), then lower the fat until it reaches the fat content of about 5% before doing certain missions.

Among the interval train the body CJ, spend time with driving a vehicle or driving aircraft or any type of vehicle that can be mastered. There are 4 types of status of vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and planes. The only way to train one of these status is driving a corresponding type of vehicle. As CJ skills increases, the vehicle would have been better on the turn, brake, and a more stable overall. Have a high skill when riding motorcycles and bicycles will give CJ a greater opportunity to not fall when hit by a car.
Mastering the status of the vehicle will take a considerable amount of time. Perform continuous and alternating exercises driving a vehicle with another training session.
Become a weapons expert.

CJ skills can be trained in using weapons like skills when driving a vehicle; However, contrary to the skill when driving a vehicle, no measure different skills for almost all individual weapons. Weapon skills are trained by shooting people or vehicles, on the level of “Poor” to “Hitman.” At the level of Hitman, CJ can use two weapons at once, including weapons sawn-off shotgun (shotgun), pistols and automatics (Micro-Uzi and Tec-9).
Some weapon skills can not be trained. Including thrown weapons like grenades, sniper rifle, all melee weapon (baseball bat, hammer, etc.), And all heavy weapons, such as rocket launcher.CJ will result in greater damage with melee weapons if it has high levels of muscle mass

How to Keep the environment around the school

The school environment is a part of life inseparable, what the next generation of our nation depends on academic activities at school. Therefore, keeping it clean and healthy is important to do.

Creating a school environment clean and healthy as long as it can be realized with the participation of the entire school community and support from the school’s internal ranks. Therefore, it is important to create a healthy environment so that the future generation we too remain healthy and able to build Indonesia with the spirit of environmental hygiene thick.

How to Create a Healthy Environment in Schools.

The first thing to do is declare a green school program (green school). School greening program, but can make the school a lush and beautiful, can also give comfort when learning activities because of the cool air in the school.
Implement school rules and maintaining cleanliness and environmental balance of the school. If all of the school community have the awareness to implement well the school rules, the school environment will be maintained.
Instill a caring attitude towards students’ environment by launching a variety of programs that can draw attention to the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy schools, various activities can be done like article writing environment, drawing, or other activities that are environmentally friendly.
Strict monitoring and enforcement of school rules firmly to the school community wants and consciously willing to carry out the order and regulations of the school. In this case, the school must be involved to ensure that all the rules that have been made can be fully implemented by the entire school community.
Proclaimed the love of the environment or school hygiene activities. It could help provide education to the students to always be aware of the importance of protecting the environment to stay healthy and balanced.
If possible, schools should take advantage of national holidays or national holidays for positive activities, such as work cleaning the school or proclaimed the environmental care. It could also help create more awareness for the students to care and love of the environment.
Activities to sensitize the Importance of Caring for the environment.

In addition to creating a healthy school environment, a variety of additional activities necessary to inculcate students’ awareness of protecting the environment to remain stable and balanced. Here are a variety of activities that can be done.


Proclaimed the living pharmacy school. Schools can cycle through each class in order to maintain and utilize vacant land at the school for learning life pharmacies.
Minimize use of air conditioning. From now on, the atmosphere naturally cool of shade trees will help the school to remain cool and not hot so they no longer require air conditioning.
Creating a garbage disposal system healthy. The initial step is to separate the organic and inorganic waste.
Proclaimed the water saving or saving paper. If possible, the school launched to reuse the blank sheet of paper to be used again.
Develop extracurricular activities based on the environment, such as the Go Green Comunity or groups of nature lovers.
Environmentally-themed activities, such as watching movies or discuss about the environmental surroundings.
Conducting field trip whose aim is to educate the awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. The work travel can be the most fun way for students to learn directly and keen to do more to protect the environment in order to remain sustainable.

14 Benefits of Sociology in Life and society

As we know that sociology is the study of all aspects of community life, the relationship between the individual community groups, individual to individual, group of individuals or groups with the group. As a study of all matters concerning public sociology surely has an important role and benefits within the community itself.
Well before you learn more about sociology, it helps if you know in advance the benefits of sociology in the life of mu . So that later you really know of the benefits that will you have from studying sociology. Among the benefits of the sociology of science in society are:


  1. Increase knowledge social diversity and cultural diversity concerning the system of values and norms, customs, performing arts, and the elements – elements of other cultures. By studying sociology, we will gain knowledge about the kind of – kind of social characteristics of individuals or groups of individuals in society.
  2. Sociology growing public sensitivity toward social tolerance in daily life – the day, so it will be realized that people understand each other.
  3. By studying sociology, we can clearly see ourselves both as individuals and members of society.
  4. Sociology helps each community about our place in the community as well as other cultures that are unknown.
  5. Sociology helps people to gain knowledge of various forms of community interaction.
  6. Sociology helps people to control and actions and behavior on each – each community interaction.
  7. Sociology is also expected to make the public increasingly understand the norms, traditions, beliefs, and values – values shared by other people and be able to understand the difference – the difference is in the public money.
  8. Sociology of knowledge useful to avoid social conflict mainly intergroup conflict, tribal, or racial.
  9. Sociology helpful to avoid social dominance, for example: political dominance, domination of the economy, and cultural domination.
  10. Sociology is also useful to improve national integrity, especially Indonesia which has a pluralistic nation. With sociology expected to increase mutual understanding and close cooperation between the elements – social elements are different.
  11. Sociology as social interaction is a relationship – a relationship in which the social dynamic regarding the relationship between individuals, groups and individuals and groups.
  12. Sociology helpful community as an expert in the research. Sociologists conduct scientific research to find data about the social life of a community. From these results sociologist should produce the truth – the truth so that the impact of the negative impact on society can be avoided.
  13. Sociology as policy, meaning that sociology can help predict the effect of policy – social policy that may occur in the community.
  14. As the younger generation who will be the successor to the nation, sociology will make us more responsive, critical, and rational face of symptoms – social phenomena in an increasingly complex society, and to be able to take a stand and act right and accurate to the social situation faced day – day.
Similarly, a review of the benefits of studying sociology in social life. We hope to provide insight at the same motivation to study sociology as a science.

Benefits Owned By Twitter To Perform SEO Techniques Relevant

Twitter for SEO benefits is similar to the other social media that attracts visitors to come directly to the site you are optimization and ultimately the website will be traffic from visitors who click on your website and plus value of the search engine. As we know that Twitter is a social media which has the highest rating currently outperform some other social media even owned by twitter rating is the maximum rating is a rating that is rarely possessed by any domain and any site across the Internet universe. This rating not just given by the search engines but judged based on the number of active visitors each day and this can be met by twitter to have active visitors every day with a very large number. Things like this certainly will not be allowed to pitch just past the SEO experts who thirst with optimization techniques are always many ways to bring tarffic to websites that are optimized.And twitter is one being the favorite medium to be used as a tool for optimization of a website.


How do optimization with twitter tend to be very easy because you just do some Twitt then you save the website address at the end of your twittan. Would be much better if you have multiple twitter accounts so that you will be able to follow on every twittan performed each account.Suppose you have 5 twitter account then account of the conduct of the twit twit and were followed by four other account and the second account did twit then were followed also by four other account and so subsequently as much. This method will be very effective if you have many followers because every twittan you do of course exist among followers who visit on the website that you twit.

With the visitors follow the link in your twittan, it will make a traffic to your website, which ultimately will make the website more popular. How to do this will optimization through twitter you can do well on other social media which would provide the potential for natural visitors who visit your website so that it will give a good contribution because these visitors are visitors who are natural. As we know that the natural visitors are favored by search engines. And you should know that this is an SEO technique that is done is the manipulation of the course you have to be clever clever in treating it. It would be better you have me twitter with significant amounts and has a number of followers are above average so the potential follower who visit a website that is optimized will certainly be greater.

5 Benefits of Democracy Lives in public life

For the citizens of Indonesia the word “democracy” is certainly not a foreign word sounds in the ear. It could not be separated because of the Republic of Indonesia embraced democracy in decision-making, especially in the field of governance. The notion of democracy itself comes from the Greek “demos” and “kratos”.Which, if interpreted broadly would mean government of the people and for the people. This is exactly what makes many governments in various countries adopt a democratic system in running the government. The biggest reason is because the democratic life has many benefits for society.


In social life that embodies the cooperation that avoided disputes among the people, democracy has some benefits in the society so that the sound is channeled from people to people is not too many disputes so as to produce the results of democracy in accordance with what is desired.

Here is an explanation of the democratic life in society:

1. Increasing empathy and compassion among citizens

As social beings certainly destined to live humans communicate with each other. But of course, in the event such communication is not infrequent misunderstandings and disagreements that can not be avoided. Which if not addressed properly it is not likely to cause a prolonged conflict. That’s where the role of democracy is needed in public life.

It could not be separated from the values held by democracy as follows:

  1. The realization that pluralism can not be avoided
  2. Honest attitude and healthy mind upheld
  3. Cooperation among the citizens to be able to get the desired goal
  4. moral considerations
  5. The attitude of maturity among communities

Of the values contained in democracy will be realized sense of empathy and compassion among citizens. Because every problem can be solved by means of deliberation or by voting. Furthermore, the values of democracy can be applied starting from the family environment, environmental education to the environment to the highest of the country.

Here is the explanation:


a. Family environment

  • Respect the opinion of family members who are not in line with our
  • Family problems can be solved by consultation
  • Each family member has the right to voice their opinion

b. environmental Education

  • Working together with other friends of different backgrounds
  • Not antipathy to accept the opinion of others who with the opinion of ours
  • Consult with one another to be able to solve the problem of school and duties

c. State environment

  • Presidential election decision could be made by the people
  • The decision taken by the Parliament and the Assembly is done by negotiating and voting
  • Selection structure state leaders also done by polling done by the people

2. the avoidance of Violence Between Residents of society

Not infrequently communication is established between the community often disagree. That is, if not addressed with wise it will cause a split between groups. It could even be to the point that more extreme acts of violence committed by some people to be able to achieve its objectives. That matter, people who uphold high values of democracy can be overcome because of disagreements can be resolved by peaceful negotiations.

3. Establishment of good communication between communities

By implementing democratic values in the society then automatically communication between the community will be intertwined more intense. It could not be separated because democracy requires consultation, discussion or voting is certainly the communication fabric can not be avoided. So as to make people have good communication between each other.


4. Promoting cooperation and mutual assistance

Democracy that will either make society will be in a system to need each other. So that will be realized cooperation and mutual assistance are an integral part of social life to increase solidarity among friends and reduce disputes and problems between peers.

5. Increase the sense of community responsibility

This is not out for the community to participate in a part of many important decisions. So that the people will feel a sense of responsibility for the results they have chosen and they have negotiated together. And this is to avoid a split amongst the other groups.

Well, we already know about the explanation of the benefits of democratic life in the society described one by one. Hopefully, this explanation can be useful and add your insight.

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Here’s review some of the facebook marketing benefits that will convince your company improve the marketing plan of the company:


1. Branding

When that is right for your company, before it’s facebook login account open too late compettor you more widely known by the audience. But unfortunately in the world of facebook more ranks Online Shop / Brand of the foreign branch that started popping up and maximize marketing through facebook to further popularize their brands.

2. Customer Engagement

Do you want a brand has a loyal customer? Only through the website it can not, the website is about content, but facebook is about content plus human, this would create a lot of continuous interaction creates a culture of behavior your brand to the audience, creating a loyal customer, a better feel experience on your Brand.

3. Drive Web Traffic

Can stream from facebook blog visitors to the website, the more targeted audience increasingly torrential flow to your Brand website, for a variety of purposes, leads, traffic, sales etc.

4. Reputation Management

Via facebook, not only can we say about our brand, but we can know how to impress consumers to our brand, how our reputation in their eyes, how the impact bid / offer section that we offer to them.

5. Acquisition of New Customers

Finding customers who may have not yet discovered previously through offline marketing strategy of your company. Facebook opens new things about the acquisition of the consumer.

6. Generation of Business Leads

Not only find new customers even through digital marketing marketing via facebook but can create potential leads!

7. Clients/Customer Retention

A close relationship, know well the behavior of consumers, making your brand easily create a repeat customer, medengarkan with both demand and perform services with memusakan, like Zappos Inc. to create a 75% repeat orders via outstanding service in social media.

8. Acces to Social Networking

If you only use the media Brand offline, you will not move quickly, disseminate information quickly as possible, with facebook we can melwati it all. Get a new customer, find

9. Viral Marketing

Is word of mouth to spread quickly. Through facebook marketing, it is easy to create viral marketing through content-based soft etc. It is the right medium for the audience can interact with like, share, comment, all of which are recorded in their Newsfeed.

10. Brand Awarness

It is important to measure how deep your customers know about your brand, if only rely on the website and traditional marketing, the process will be much longer. Brand awareness on facebook are binding as long as we are good at presenting the material and have collected the audience in a channel suppose like facebook page.

11. Customer Feedback

Through facebook, it is easy to get feedback from consumers. Through direct conversation comments, wall posts, and messages.

12. Targeted Advertising Option

Brand advertising company with facebook we can aim the target market according to the desired characteristics on the basis of the hobby even so the cost of advertising spend would indeed be usefull compared with advertising print out.

TIPS How to speak in public

How to speak in public or known Public Speaking is an art of a Public Speaker in communicating with the aim of conveying a message to the public or the audience.

The procedure of public speaking by each person has different characteristics and contents of the message given too diverse, for example, gives a good influence, motivate, educate, entertain, convey an important information and tell a story that has a lesson.


Do all Public Speaker has a natural talent in him?

In this case can be categorized into 2 parts.
The first is talent. For example in some public figure who has a natural talent for speaking flexibly and professionally, but it is also supported by their flying hours.
The second you can be a Public Speaker through a training or education / courses / seminars in the learner in a professional manner. What are the advantages one studies Public Speaking?

Have more value in the course of a career
Improving one’s confidence in socializing
Affects the way a person during a presentation
The ability to speak, opening remarks
Adding creativity in the delivery of teaching
Adding a side income as MC, presenter, or moderator

The importance of adding a skill and understanding in Public Speaking course will give you the impression for the audience. As a Public Speaker, you can not only rely on the quality of the material to be delivered. Material Public Speaking has become the main message of giving the message to the audience, but if not given the spices in a manner , then your audience will tend to get bored quickly and immediately turned his attention to other things. Especially if you have the opportunity to speak in public for 1 hour. Your creativity will be an important contributing factor so that the aims and objectives can be achieved and be absorbed by the audience.

Speaking in public is regarded as the biggest fear in a person’s life, even more than the fear of death.

For those of you who like to develop skills in public speaking will have a positive added value among your peers or in a forum. By increasing the hours you fly, the more knowledge and techniques that you can develop in any perfomance.

Any profession that requires skill Public Speaking?
Director / Manager
Teacher / Lecturer
Presenter / MC
Public Relation (PR)
Student / Student / Student
and for anyone who wants to hone his skills as a Public Speaker
If today you who are want to develop your confidence in public speaking, here are some tips on public speaking that you can prepare in advance and you can apply in your daily life.

1. To become a good speaker you can start being a good listener . Consciously or unconsciously, the other person will feel more comfortable when you can be a good listener. The more you hear, the more information you have and you can learn.

2. Avoid to cut a conversation when communicating because it can change the atmosphere of a conversation becomes strained and ineffective. This point will train you to have a good attitude when audience response you throw a question.

3. How to communicate with a question will create a conversation becomes warmer. ” Oh ya..saya also had heard the news. I think …. What do you think? ”

4. Give a 3 second pause in a conversation before you respond to the other person. This will make the other person more calm when communicating with you.

5. Do not judge the other person if you feel does not agree with what they say. Better you give a suggestion or solution.
” Oh..saya never heard about this business I think maybe you can do some more research for maximum results ” This way is much better and more effective than you say, ” I believe your business is not likely to succeed ”

6. Keep your cell phone while you’re talking to someone. A conversation will not be effective when one speaks while doing text message or whatever it is. You may request permission to the other person than you talk while the eyes glance at the phone.
” Sorry for a while I had to reply to this message ” This way of making the other person feel valued.

7. Give a little small smile when you listen to others. Remember a little, yes. And do not forget to gaze at the other person. It can foster a sense of trust someone to yourself and show that you appreciate them.

8. Learn to give a compliment , to which one must sincerely from your heart. It can train you to easily give positive energy as you blend with the audience. Surely you do not want to become a different person when you’re under the stage.

9. Use every opportunity . If you got the chance to speak in public, do not reject beforehand. This is a good signal for you, take advantage of the opportunity to add your flying hours.

10. Diligently read appropriate materials or field of work. Digging and had knowledge that suit your field will greatly help you during the performance. ” As a folder in the computer that rich documents ” If you never fill it then there is nothing that can be issued in words.

Development of the internet is increasingly widespread certainly can be your references. The search engine Google and Youtube can be the best reference when you need information about the material you want to convey.

In addition, it never hurts to ask the opinion of your peers. Criticisms and opinions of them can make you recognize the weak spots / blind spot that you do not realize. In a study that usually happens is the repetition of words like “well how, ok then.” There is nothing wrong in these words, but if repeated in every delivery then it will make your audience feel uncomfortable.

I’m afraid … How would the audience reaction? .. Is this a matter of interest? … Oh yes could enga …

When the first person gets the opportunity and duty to speak in public is often given more focus to the negative. Fear and anxiety are excessive if they are not in control it will make your mind getting messed up.

It is better for you to focus on the things that you have prepared in advance. When you walk to the podium, said enthusiastically yourself. “I have prepared well, all will be fine”

“I’m ready for this speech,”
“The audience will learn something from the material that I have to”
“I’ve been training hard, this is a matter that is either” When you can turn your attention to something positive, you will find yourself much quieter than before. No matter how good your material if you’re not confident that the audience can participate taste. Remember, you only allow positive thoughts is the main focus before you perform. Fear and nervous is a natural reaction to your face, but not as a major obstacle to your doing good presentation. To answer your needs in more developing potentials and increase confidence in public speaking. You can join a public speaking seminar a guided directly by Mr. Haryanto Kandani .

2-day program is open to the public and will open your mind and help you in how to speak in public.

Training methods 30% theory and 70% practice, and you’ll learn:
How convenient and effective way to overcome fear and nervous.
How to create courage, calmness and stability.
Mastering the three essential components (Vocal, Verbal and Visual).
How to attract and retain the attention of the audience (Maintain Interest Level).
Mastering how to open (Attractive Introduction) and closing (Closing Powerful) in an interesting presentation.
Mastering how to give a presentation (Meaningful Message) were impressive.
Mastering a wide variety of techniques to melt (Ice Breaking) and turn (Energizer) atmosphere.
How to speak in public very well even without preparation.
Knowing the technique of preparing the flow of clear presentation in a short time.
How technique speak convincingly to customers, business partners, bosses, subordinates and co-workers.
Learn 12 tips to become a powerful speaker (Great Speaker).
Public Speaking learn various techniques from world experts.
Best promo in our training is free Reseat to every training that we conduct. There is no additional charge if you want to join the class. Our classroom door is always open to the alumni for reviewing and honing their skills. You can enjoy all the facilities such as coffee break and lunch without having to pay again. We are pleased with the significant improvements to our alumni. Some performers and presenters will also join in this class in order to develop their potential in the face of competition.

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we give a 100% money back guarantee if you find it does not benefit from this training. Investment you provide will not be in vain, we would appreciate your trust in this training.

Ways to Enjoy Fun Beach Tourism

Planet Earth, where we live, was closed by the oceans by more than 70% of them. We thus have a place of recreation that seemed endless. After all, who was fascinated by the sea? To get there cheaply and quickly was no need to be confused because there AirAsia is always ready to take you destinasi most famous sea in eastern Indonesia, including Bali. Simply open , check prices and book Air Asia ticket would be very easy to do.


Size and number of ocean in the world makes you confused what to do? To be sure you have to do is enjoy and preserve. For a better way to enjoy the sea, there are in the following list: ganggari fast boat

Diving and snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the ocean. Diving / diving invite you to navigate underwater beauty. To be able to dive, you have to equip yourself with training and certification in advance. Why, diving needs knowledge and special equipment, not just swim using oxygen cylinders. Normally, to be able to dive, people will first try snorkeling.

Snorkeling sensation like the look of the underwater world from the surface. We will use special glasses are equipped with a hose to breathe using their mouths. Hose size is short so we could not dive to the bottom to see the atmosphere around. However, this experience more exciting if you are in a shallow sea but very fertile until close to the edge.


Parasailing can be understood as a look around the sea and the view from the heights. We will be tied to a parachute that eventually pulled the boat to be floated tens to hundreds of meters above sea level. The only moment of touching the water while parasailing is when you choose to land himself in the middle of the ocean or on the beach. However, this activity is very exciting for sightseeing.

Banana boat

Banana boat took us intriguing-call on a rubber boat elongated and yellow like a banana. This inflatable boat will be towed motor boat quickly. Which makes it exciting is that we will oscillate while racing in the ocean (you need not fear drowning because the body has been paired lifebelt). Sometimes, banana boat attraction ends with tight maneuvering of the ship’s captain who makes the rubber boat overturned. It is very exciting for a holiday with family or friends.

Flying fish

It brings thrill rides banana boat with parasailing. Instead of using a parachute, flying fish flew a similar banana boat inflatable boat (wider and flat like a lifeboat, can be for 3 people). The motor boat will pull a rubber boat to fly at an altitude of a few seconds before being plunged into the sea.

Rolling Donut

As the name implies, this attraction invites you circling above inflatable boat round like a donut. Rolling donut can accommodate 2-4 people once the game. This man sat opposite each other while holding the panel provided. The motor boat will then be pulled to race and bobbing on the sea.

Sea walker

This activity is a fairly safe and certainly well-liked. This vehicle allows you to walk on the sea, and frolic with the fish! You simply use a special helmet like an astronaut. The helmet is connected to an oxygen tank on board so you can walk at a depth of 5 kilometers and feed the fish. This game for a long trip is usually 30 minutes.

Tips For Public Speaking Fluent

Speaking in public is not as easily seen. I remember during elementary and junior high school how to speak in public it makes my heart beat faster and the faint taste. But it is true what they say, the more we try, the more we practice, the more accustomed to us and to speak in public was now so commonplace activity, even my liking.

Some comments fellow readers of my writings about the tips and tricks of public speaking and the speaker reliable is not far away, “I want to be able to speak in public, how?”. There is no magical way to be able to speak in public in addition to a lot of practice. Yes, a lot of practice, practice, and practice to talk. The more we practice, the more usual also assured us to talk in front of people. However, hard exercise is not enough but it should be ‘smart way’ that can make us faster so powerful speaker. Here I will share tips.


Take advantage of technology
I am very happy today many people are sharing on various social media about the great people who share his ideas on Youtube. Yep, use Youtube to see how great people to share ideas and speak in public. Some examples such as Steve Jobs, Jamil Azzaini, Guenta K., we can learn how the techniques they speak only to see the video of them. I also often open channel TEDx speakers featuring a cool, stylized and cool too. I learned a lot of techniques storytelling of TEDx. Use Youtube is not only for entertainment but also to learn public speaking, hehe …

Creating Program
If you really want to be able to speak in public, you can start creating an independent development program to be able to talk to invite friends and practice public speaking in front of them. If you are in a community or organization, there is no harm in making the program the weekly or monthly routine two forcing you or certain people can talk in public. In CerdasMulia Training, all the staff of the weekly’s turn for a presentation and book that can sharpen how they speak in public appropriately.

Visualization: How to Favourites
How visualization proven to me in control of the conversation in public. I used to visualize related to what I want to say before progressing to stage both for seminars and training so that we are already making first scenario and imagine that the audience was very enthusiastic with us so that confidence rose drastically. Visualisasikanlah unique and creative ways that could make the audience enjoy what you bring.

Recorded – Good Sound Nor Video
Sometimes we’ve felt that what we bring when speaking in public is okay. If you are afraid to accept criticism or suggestions sharp, record yourself while speaking in public and criticize yourself. Clay which can be improved and which ones should be discarded.

Pointer is An Investment
If you are a person who wants to become a professional public speaker, then buy a pointer is a very worthy investment. Having pointer helps you to be more dynamic in bringing the material rather than always close to the laptop. Having pointer can also reduce distractions while you say, ‘next, next’ which can be very disturbing.

Eye Contact
If you are a new person can learn and not too expressive, then the easiest way to connect with the audience is making eye contact. Just look to the eyes, forehead, nose or whole audience you (do not focus on one or more of the audience ) and give your best smile. This trains confidence and make you feel better.

Tips on Trips to Bali, Lombok and the Gili Trawangan in a week

Not a few of the employees in Jakarta and other big cities are working hard to be able to organize their vacation time so that sufficient to return the Eid with family and also enjoy a getaway to another city in a year. Understandably, most employees in Jakarta have vacation time 12 working days in a year. At least a week’s ration can return home and a week’s vacation out of town. Well, if you only have a week’s vacation, but want the streets to Bali, Lombok and the Gili Trawangan, the following tips so that costs and time can be saved.

First, take flight to Bali on Friday or on the earliest flight on Saturday. For most employees, Friday is the last day of the working week, so take a flight after working hours or on Saturday morning can be an alternative to extend the holiday. There are many airlines that offer this schedule, especially if you come from big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. Even from Yogyakarta also, Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air offers a morning and evening flight to Bali. Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats



Second, to schedule the return of comrades, take a direct flight from Lombok to the friend In this way, we can save even more costs to return to Bali. This may be a little difficult for comrades whose area does not have a direct flight from Lombok and must transit to Bali.
Third, for the holiday schedule can be set 2-3 days in Bali, then go straight to Gili Trawangan for 2-3 days and last traveled in Lombok for 2-3 days before returning to the comrades.

Fourth, the cheapest way to get to Lombok from Bali is the common use of the ferry port of Padang Bai. You can ask this package to various travel tours in Bali. In 2012, the general price ferry crossing is Rp 125,000 per person while by fast boat for Rp 325,000 per person including pick up from the hotel in Bali to Padang Bai and drove to the hotel in Lombok. Another way to do is to use the best but the best prices are always changing so you can price beforehand.

Fifth, if you want to use the boat from Bali to Lombok, you usually can not directly cross over to Gili Trawangan for public boat to Gili have a schedule in the morning, let alone you need to look for packets crossing to Gili Trawangan in coastal areas Sengigi in Lombok. There, it is easy to get this package.

Sixth, to transit in Lombok, look Sengigi Beach hotels in the area so it is not too far from the port heading to the Gili and also you can enjoy the beautiful beaches traveled Sengigi.
Seventh, there are many people who would seek profit as much as possible by providing false information to colleagues, so be careful and do not easily believe in people. One of the cases that I have come across is the travel that picked us from the port in Lombok and take us to the hotel, will lead us to a tour agent and travel.

There, someone claiming bosses intimidate me and told me that I could not buy a ticket to Gili from Sengigi area especially when it was night. All will be difficult and I would not be able to find an office that sells the tickets. Therefore, I have to buy a ticket from them for Rp 100,000 per once crossed.

At that time, I thought it was weird and I do not want to buy these tickets so that he get angry and say that I will not be able to Gili. I just ignore it and after arriving in Sengigi, it turns out here a lot of tours and travel agencies which offer crossings to Gili at a cheaper price. In fact, I finally get a price of USD 100,000 for the crossing to Gili PP alias half the price of the offer in the first agent.

Eighth, to get a selection of cheap hotels in Bali, Lombok and the Gili Trawangan you can use the various booking websites that exist, for example: Agoda, Booking, Pegipegi, Wego and several other sites. If it was not peak season like June, July, December and January, it does not matter if you come and find it much less direct lodging in Bali which have a specialty.

Ninth, tips for inexpensive lodging in Bali are the various backpacker hostels or boarding in the area of Kuta and Legian, especially at Popies Lane.
Tenth, tips to find cheaper accommodation in Gili Trawangan is unparalleled in the north of the island. From the Port, you can walk to the right. In addition, you also can not find accommodation at the seaside alias into the island. There are many cheap accommodation around Rp 100.00 per night.

Eleventh, tips for inexpensive lodging in Sengigi are looking for some hotel in the main area Sengigi. At the time I first survey in 2012, the average price of cheap lodging there around Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000. The choice here is not as much as in Bali, so it is rather difficult to find lodging at Rp 100,000 per night.

Twelfth, to eat cheap in Gili Trawangan, you could come to the arena the night market on the ground in the middle of the island. Here is offered a variety of local foods at affordable prices even meatballs price in 2012 was only US $ 10,000 per bowl.

Definitions Or Understanding Politics

In Etymologically , politics is derived from the Greek word polis which means city or countrytown. Then it evolved into a sense of meaning citizens Polites, politeia which means all that relates to the state, which means the government politika state and politikos which means citizenship.


Aristotle (384-322 BC) can be considered as the first to introduce the word through his observations about human politics he calls names for the human species. By the term that he wanted to explain that the nature of political and social life is an interaction between two or more people will surely involve political relations. Aristotle viewed politics as a natural tendencies and can not be avoided by humans, for example, when he tried to determine his position in the community, as he tried to achieve personal well-being, and when he attempted to persuade others to accept his view.

Aristotle concludes that efforts to maximize the ability of individuals and achieving form high social life is through political interaction with other people. Interactions that occur within an institution designed to solve social conflicts and shaping the state’s goals. Thus the word politics shows an aspect of life, the political life is commonly defined as life-related aspects of power with the elements: the state (state), power (power), decision making (decision making), policy (policy, a regulation ), and division (distribution) or allocation (allocation).

in general it can be said that politics (politics) is an assortment of activities within a political system (or state) concerning the process of defining the objectives of the system and carry out the objectives that. Decision-making (decision making) as to whether the objectives of the political system involved the selection of the alternatives and the development priorities of the objectives that have been selected. As for implementing these objectives need to be determined policies (public policies) concerning the management and delivery (distribution) or allocation (allocation) of resources (resources) that exist.

To be able to play an active role to implement these policies, needs to have power (power) and authority (authority) which will be used both to foster cooperation as well as to resolve conflicts that may arise in the process. The means used can be assured (persuasive) and if necessary coercive (coercion). Without coercion, a policy that only a formulation of desire (statement of intent) alone.

Politics is an attempt or a way to get something you want. But there are many who think that politics is not only about in the corridors of power state or the actions undertaken by the state authorities. In some aspects of life, humans often political action, both political trade, cultural, social, as well as in other aspects of life. So politics has always been that the objectives of the whole society (public goals) and not the purpose of one’s personal (private goals). Politics involves the activities of various groups, including political parties and activities of individuals (people).